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The Dubal Aluminum Smelter is located some 35Km south of the centre of Dubai and is one of the worlds major aluminum smelters producing 800,000 tons of high grade aluminum per year. The major percentage of which is exported to the Far East, Europe and North America.

The original plant was constructed in the late nineteen seventies by what we now refer to as AFC (Al Futtaim Carillion). Following the completion of the plant no major works were undertaken until the late nineteen eighties when a series of major expansion projects took place as below and still continue.

Deep 1989 1991. Falcon 1995 1998.

Condor 1998 2000.

Kestrel 2000 2004.

Potline 7A 2004-2005

Potline 79B 2005 – 2007

Potline 56B 2007 – 2008

Potline 43 2008 to Present

The last but by no means least element, are the works which we carryout directly for Dubal with a present work load in ten different locations through the works.

These works vary between the construction of civil works involving services trenches and foundation, required for the installation of additional plant.

The team in Dubal has a reputation for being able to cope with the emergency that from time to time occur in the plant and at the later end of 2008 mobilised an additional 500+ men plus equipment within 4 days to deal with such an emergency

All of the above involves a labour force of 800 and a team of staff numbering 66 and 125 individual items of plant and transport.
Our accident frequency rate is Zero which is maintained with the assistance of the on site safety team.

We hopefully can look forward to maintaining and possibly increasing our work load with the future works to the eagle project in and crucible maintenance building in 2009 and a new Carbon plant in 2010.

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